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24/7 care coordination

Unparalleled communication for nursing facilities

Medlog is a secure communication platform that enables HIPAA compliant, EHR integrated care coordination for clinicians and staff.  

Built for facility-based care

Medlog helps facilities deliver cost efficient patient care 

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Standardizes information sharing

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Reduces errors of omission & other miscommunication

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Streamlines coordination of care

SmartText Anchor

The first messaging platform built to standardize coordination of care

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Based on the patient's complaint or problem, Medlog's SmartText guides nurses to share appropriate information with your facility's provider. Limiting back and forth while creating a better communication experience for your clinicians.

👩‍⚕️ For nurses

Nurses spend less time messaging and more time taking care of patients

👨‍⚕️ For providers

Your providers receive the right information the first time. 

Nurses know exactly what information the provider needs.

Providers receive the information necessary to make clinical decisions in one text. 

🔗 EHR integration

Unleash staff productivity by increasing access to data

Provider progress notes
Nursing Facility messaging

Progress notes

Messaging documentation

Provider progress notes are automatically saved in the EHR. 

Patient-related messages are automatically saved in the EHR

With Medlog, your staff no longer has to manually input dozens of progress notes into your EHR. 

Medlog generates documentation of SmartText messages and sends them to your EHR.

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The efficiency you're looking for. Right from the app store. 

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