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Improving quality of life one message at a time.

Medlog is built to keep up with the demands of nursing facilities and the providers who serve them. We make it easy for facility staff to access critical health information, making it easy for providers have the resources they need to make the best decisions for their patients.

💬 HIPAA-compliant messaging

The first messaging platform built to standardize care coordination

Medlog's SmartText guides nurses to share problem-specific patient information with your facility's provider so they can make informed clinical decisions with less back and forth. 

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Medlog for
facility staff

SmartText guide nurses to share the information necessary to address the patient's problem. 

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Know exactly what information the provider needs 

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Receive clear orders for each patient

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Intuitive sign up and use with no training necessary

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Medlog for
facility providers

Providers receive the information necessary to make clinical decisions in one text. 

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Receive the right information, every time

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Less back and forth with nurses

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Improved provider and staff satisfaction

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Documentation is auto-generated for every message.

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SmartText messages are sent to and saved in the EHR.

Medlog generates documentation of SmartText messages and sends them to your EHR ensuring accurate records and saving staff time.

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Relax and recharge with Call Scheduling.

For busy providers who need a break from constant messaging. You can forward your messages for one or more of your facilities anytime you need. From a daily gym break, to a two week vacation in Italy, you're in control. 

"This is the first real break I've had from facility messaging in over 25 years. It's great."

- Jason L. MD

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The efficiency you're looking for. Right from the app store. 

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