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EHR integration

Safe and secure interoperability

Built for facility-based care

Empower your staff to coordinate care like never before.

Medlog is a secure communication platform that enables HIPAA compliant, EHR integrated care coordination for clinicians and staff.  

EHR integration

SmartText | EHR integration

Provider documentation is auto-populated in your EHR 

EHR integrated
Data integrity

Eliminate progress note data entry

Limit data-transfer errors 

Your staff no longer has to manually input call summaries and provider progress notes into your EHR — Medlog will automatically do this for you.

Automatically feed patient information into your clinical documentation to limit errors and improve efficiency.

SmartText | EHR integration

EHR integrated smart messaging

Clinical collaboration

24/7 clinician collaboration

Eliminate data entry

Automate call summary data entry

Medlog’s SmartText improves clinical efficiency and keeps your nurses and providers on the same page.

Using SmartText, patient information for call summaries is automatically inputted — limiting data entry time and errors for your staff. 

EHR integration

Steps to integrate:

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Get started for free


Sign up with Medlog

Sign up your facility and Medical director to use Medlog for free!


Authorize Medlog

After subscribing to Medlog, you’ll need to authorize Medlog to access your facility’s EHR. 


Enjoy the benefits

Nurising facility



Unlimited Users

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HIPPA-complaint messaging

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Send & receive photos, videos and files

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Available for iOS and Android

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End-to-end encryption

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Automatic BAA 

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SmartText  Learn more

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Progress notes automatically sent to EHR

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Hundreds of problem specific SmartForms

* Sign up your facility's Medical Director to use Medlog for free

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