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Built for Providers

The future of
care delivery in LTC. 

Powerful and intuitive tools enable healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care. Our technology empowers them to work effectively within nursing facilities, conduct in-person visits, and connect with facility staff remotely. The outcome is care that is more efficient, personalized, and ultimately more human.

👍  No upfront cost. Start for free. No credit card required.

Why Medlog?

Our messaging and in-person documentation platform transforms the way providers and nurses work with their patients. Clinicians can access health records when they need them. Nurses can communicate with providers 24/7 regarding changes to their patients' condition. And providers can improve revenue and efficiency, and give their patients better care.

Clinical messaging for long-term care.

SmartForm Nurse_2x.png

💬 Messaging

Optimize communication

Using SBAR text templates, Medlog's SmartText helps facility nurses share the information providers need to make decisions more effectively. Ultimately limiting the number of messages and time spend on each messaging encounter.

💬 Messaging

Spend less time on your phone

Each SmartText visit thread gives providers the information needed to make quick, educated sections. These threads are organized, searchable and are available within SmartDocs for providers to access during in-person visits.

SmartText PFD.png


Auto-generated documentation for messaging encounters

After the provider has communicated orders with facility staff, documentation is auto-generated and available to the practice and can be pushed to the facility’s EHR.

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In-person documentation for long-term care.


🩺 In-person visits

Built by LTC providers, for LTC providers.

Medlog is build by providers who understand the unique needs and requirements of LTC.

🔗 EHR Integration

Patient data right at your finger tips

Having access to data is essential in modern healthcare. Medlog’s integration with PointClickCare helps facility clinicians access patients health records quickly, saving time and improving care.

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Website Assets_Medlog-76.png
Website Assets_Medlog-76.png

Medlog for LTC

Multiple facilities? No problem.

Providers in LTC often service multiple facilities. With Medlog, providers can manage all facility messages in one app. Making it easier to track, manage and document each patient’s encounter.


Improve access to data with Medlog's PointClickCare integration. Learn how your facility can integrate for free.

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Available on mobile and tablet.

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Integrate with your facility's EHR.

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