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Built for LTPAC

The future of continuous patient care.

Get the care delivery software you need to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiency — all in one platform. 

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The care delivery platform for long-term post-acute care.

Medlog Health gives nursing home providers the tools to deliver continuous care, more efficiently. 

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Access to patient data

Clinicians can access health records across multiple facilities.

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24/7 care coordination

Nurses can communicate with providers 24/7 regarding changes to their patients' condition. 

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Improve revenue and efficiency

Providers can improve revenue and efficiency, and give their patients better care.

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Easy to implement and manage

Facility admins can easily manage usage and staff access. 

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Intelligent clinical messaging 

Problem-specific SBAR messaging app for nursing communities. 

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Supercharge nurse to provider communication 

Drive clinical efficiency with problem-based SBAR messaging. With SmartText, nurses know exactly what information providers need to address their patient’s concern. Providers spend less time on the phone while patients receive quality, timely care.


Improve access to data with Medlog's PointClickCare integration. Learn how your facility can integrate for free.

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Efficient provider charting

Modern, easy-to-use progress note designed for providers in LTPAC.

Data-enriched provider notes

Reduce your documentation burden with templated, data-enriched notes. Start from previous notes, pull in EHR data, and share your notes seamlessly. With Medlog Health, providers are more productive and notes are automatically coded for timely billing. 

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Seamless back office workflows

Access claims and documentation, set call schedules, view analytics, and more in Medlog's SmartOffice.

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What our customers are saying

Medlog has dramatically improved communication between facility nurses and providers. I highly recommend Medlog to any nursing facility or medical practice. 

- Annette Griffith, CEO | Rivertree Medical


As a Medical Director, I use Medlog in all of my facilities. It's removed the friction of communication saving me lots of time and enabling me to deliver better care.

- Arvid Lade, MD 

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💬 Free HIPAA-compliant messaging

Onboard your facility in minutes

Steps to get started:

To get your staff onboarded, click the link and upload your staff list. We’ll send invites to everyone, and messaging can begin!  


Click link below


Provide staff list


Go live!

We had been looking for a HIPAA-compliant texting app for our facility and Medlog was the obvious choice. It’s working great for us. 


- Pauline M, RN

Newport Village

The app was easy to implement and has improved our staff’s ability to communicate. I highly recommend Medlog to any nursing facility. 

- Samantha C, DON


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If you have multiple facilities to onboard, please contact us to get started:

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Available on mobile and tablet.

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